About us


nullgrat. , founded in November 2013, is a startup which designs and sells jewellery that combines minimalistic design with a deeper and clever meaning.

The products are designed via CAD-software (Computer Aided Design) which enables the use of a lasercutter to offer precise and high quality necklaces in small series production. After cutting and finishing the product the customer can choose to get the charm galvanized, which coats the stainless steel with a layer of copper. The charm can then be attached to a 925 Sterlingsilver Necklace or a Leatherband, depending on the customer’s wishes.

Charm and necklace are pieced together by hand and put into a simplistic and modern packaging to create a consisten minimalistic product. Shipping is free and usually takes place on the day of dayment, via “DIN Lang” Envelopes(Which facilitates delivery, therefor ensuring faster delivery times).

If you have any Questions or Suggestions about our Products, feel free to contact info@nullgrat.de