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Be charitable and enjoy fine jewellery with nullgrat.

Hi !

Although it doesn’t look like it in Germany, Christmas is approaching rapidly. Only 9 days left until Christmas Eve.

Christmas time traditionally makes us think about the less lucky people out there, therefor we decided to make it easier for you to be charitable and get yourself something nice. Starting now we are giving 10% of our revenues to the charity “DIE ARCHE”, which takes care of the less fortunate children by providing hot meals, help with homework and a generally caring environment for these kids. If you are purchasing via DaWanda, the money will go directly to “DIE ARCHE”, when purchasing via email or every other way, you can simply tell me whether the money should go to “DIE ARCHE” or another charity of your choice.

So, if you are still searching for the perfect gift, order now and help less fortunate people!

Merry Christmas!

(Disclaimer: Of course the jewellery purchased is also viable as Birthday or Channukah Gift, other religious feastdays or just to treat yourself)




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