Earring, Smartphonecovers and liveperformance

Hi there!
The last posting was two months ago, and as promised a lot happen.

Firstly the Mailman delivered a little surprise you can purchase at Greta:

Smartphonecover aus Nussbaumholz

Smartphonecover from walnuttree wood

These covers (for now available for Iphone 4/s and Iphone 5/s) are made from laserengraved walnut wood. You can choose between “Serotonin” and “Dopamine”. They give your smartphone an elegant and organic look. Other smartphone models are possible, if yours is not offered here simply write an  Email or contact us directly at our booth at Greta.

Furthermore we now offer nullgrat. earrings to complete your hormone look ,-). The earrings are about 3×3 cm and like our necklaces lasercut from stainless steel and finished by hand. Shipping as usual fast and in the same nullgrat. Packing. Just Click the picture!


Earrings “Serotonin” made from 0,6mm stainless steel

Ohrringe Dopamin

Earrings “Dopamine” made from 0,6mm stainless steel

Lastly nullgrat. was live at the open house of “Barockstall Falkenhagen”. With a lot of beer, bratwurst and locally made products (such as honey and mettwurst) and everything for horse and equestrian.All in all a very nice event and a pleasant day for everyone involved. If somebody in the Göttingen Area is searching for horse riding classes, just look at their webpage.

der nullgrat. Stand beim Tag der offenen Tür im Barockstall

nullgrat. booth at open house “Barockstall Falkenhagen”

That’s it for now, have a nice Sunday and:

See you at Greta!:

Best wishes,


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