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Greta, Alyssa and many More

Hi !

Once again a lot has happened to warrant another Blog post.

First of all, Alyssa of “Another lovely Fashion Blog” has posted an article about nullgrat. , you can check it out here: Article .

Alyssa wearing Dopamine


Furthermore, it is now certain that nullgrat. will be at Greta, save the 6th of July 2014 and visit us at “Schillerplatz” in Mönchengladbach-Eicken. Admission is 3€ which i will gladly deduct from your purchase of my jewellery.


I hope you have a great Sunday,

All the Best



P.S: Be sure to check out “Flawless Dandelion” in the upcoming days, you might just find a post about nullgrat. there too ;)


Impressions from “Design Gipfel” and other stuff


It was about time for a new update, unfortunately I was busy moving to Bielefeld. However now I am done with moving and able to focus all my time and energy on nullgrat. !

So what’s new? Firstly I have visited the “Design Gipfel” yesterday, which is a market for design and crafting here in Bielefeld in the “Lenkwerk” with a lot of cool stuff to buy, so naturally after visiting my wallet was empty, but my pockets where full. Since I did not bring my camera you will have to judge by my extensive collection of business Cards which I gathered ;) :

Erfolgreicher Tag beim Design Gipfel

Erfolgreicher Tag beim Design Gipfel

More about “Design Gipfel” here: , if you are in Bielefeld today by chance, you can see for yourself from 12 – 6 PM. Admission is 3€, which is well worth it.


Furthermore I spent a lot of time in the last weeks on developing new products. I want to keep my promise from the last post and give you a little preview of what is coming up in the near future. I have received some prototypes of smaller charms, which are suitable to be turned into earrings, aswell as a little demonstration of the precision of a laser, but see for yourself:


And that’s all for now folks ! I promise to better myself in regard to the frequency of blogposts and hope you stay tuned !