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Save the date!

Hi !

We have got some News for you, just in time for Christmas:

Firstly, if you are located in the Paderborn-Area and don’t know what to do with your dark and cold Saturday evening, we’ve got just the thing for you:
We are partaking in a small fair at “Kulturgut Winkhausen” in Salzkotten. On Saturday (11/29/14) from 4:00 pm to 10 pm you can find us and do some of your early Christmas shopping there:

29.11.14 im Kulturgut Winkhausen

If you are already busy this Saturday, we’ve also got something in stock for your long-term planning: On 12/20/14 and 12/21/14 (last Saturday and Sunday before Christmas) we will partake in a small Christmas themed fair at the “Alte Wassermühle zu Bentrup” near Bielefeld. Located in a beautiful old water mill you can do some of your late Christmas shopping and buy truly unique gifts from local artists. We’re looking forward to your visit!

Lastly we are glad to announce that we will, just as last year, donate 10% of our income during Christmas season for a good cause, details will be updated here and on Facebook.

We wish you a merry holiday Season !
Best Wishes,


Earrings “Dopamine”

Earrings in the shape of the structural formula of “Dopamine”, mostly known for its positive influence on well-being. Dopamine boost motivation and productivity.

The earrings are approximately 3 x 3 cm in size and lasercut from 0,6mm stainless steel. Each earring is finished by hand. Shipping is done in a simplistic elegant “nullgrat.” envelope.


Earrings “Dopamine” made from 0,6mm stainless steel

Price: 38 € purchasable via DaWanda.

Earrings “Serotonin”

Earrings in the shape of the structualformula of serotonin, commonly known as “happiness hormone”. Serotonin is most commonly found in chocolate and walnut. The earrings are approximately 3 x 3 cm in size and lasercut from 0,6mm stainless steel. Each earring is finished by hand. Shipping is done in a simplistic elegant “nullgrat.” envelope.


Earrings “Serotonin” made from 0,6mm stainless steel

Price: 38 €, purchasable via DaWanda.

Earring, Smartphonecovers and liveperformance

Hi there!
The last posting was two months ago, and as promised a lot happen.

Firstly the Mailman delivered a little surprise you can purchase at Greta:

Smartphonecover aus Nussbaumholz

Smartphonecover from walnuttree wood

These covers (for now available for Iphone 4/s and Iphone 5/s) are made from laserengraved walnut wood. You can choose between “Serotonin” and “Dopamine”. They give your smartphone an elegant and organic look. Other smartphone models are possible, if yours is not offered here simply write an  Email or contact us directly at our booth at Greta.

Furthermore we now offer nullgrat. earrings to complete your hormone look ,-). The earrings are about 3×3 cm and like our necklaces lasercut from stainless steel and finished by hand. Shipping as usual fast and in the same nullgrat. Packing. Just Click the picture!


Earrings “Serotonin” made from 0,6mm stainless steel

Ohrringe Dopamin

Earrings “Dopamine” made from 0,6mm stainless steel

Lastly nullgrat. was live at the open house of “Barockstall Falkenhagen”. With a lot of beer, bratwurst and locally made products (such as honey and mettwurst) and everything for horse and equestrian.All in all a very nice event and a pleasant day for everyone involved. If somebody in the Göttingen Area is searching for horse riding classes, just look at their webpage.

der nullgrat. Stand beim Tag der offenen Tür im Barockstall

nullgrat. booth at open house “Barockstall Falkenhagen”

That’s it for now, have a nice Sunday and:

See you at Greta!:

Best wishes,


Greta, Alyssa and many More

Hi !

Once again a lot has happened to warrant another Blog post.

First of all, Alyssa of “Another lovely Fashion Blog” has posted an article about nullgrat. , you can check it out here: Article .

Alyssa wearing Dopamine


Furthermore, it is now certain that nullgrat. will be at Greta, save the 6th of July 2014 and visit us at “Schillerplatz” in Mönchengladbach-Eicken. Admission is 3€ which i will gladly deduct from your purchase of my jewellery.


I hope you have a great Sunday,

All the Best



P.S: Be sure to check out “Flawless Dandelion” in the upcoming days, you might just find a post about nullgrat. there too ;)


Impressions from “Design Gipfel” and other stuff


It was about time for a new update, unfortunately I was busy moving to Bielefeld. However now I am done with moving and able to focus all my time and energy on nullgrat. !

So what’s new? Firstly I have visited the “Design Gipfel” yesterday, which is a market for design and crafting here in Bielefeld in the “Lenkwerk” with a lot of cool stuff to buy, so naturally after visiting my wallet was empty, but my pockets where full. Since I did not bring my camera you will have to judge by my extensive collection of business Cards which I gathered ;) :

Erfolgreicher Tag beim Design Gipfel

Erfolgreicher Tag beim Design Gipfel

More about “Design Gipfel” here: , if you are in Bielefeld today by chance, you can see for yourself from 12 – 6 PM. Admission is 3€, which is well worth it.


Furthermore I spent a lot of time in the last weeks on developing new products. I want to keep my promise from the last post and give you a little preview of what is coming up in the near future. I have received some prototypes of smaller charms, which are suitable to be turned into earrings, aswell as a little demonstration of the precision of a laser, but see for yourself:


And that’s all for now folks ! I promise to better myself in regard to the frequency of blogposts and hope you stay tuned !



Quite some time went by since our last posting, mostly due to a lot of planning going on behind the scenes, especially concerning new products. We hope to present you the results as early as this month!

Today our Valentine’s day promotion started: If you order until Valentine’s Day, you get a small bottle of champagne and a little chocolate surprise alongside with your necklace, making it an all-in-one package for a romantic Valentine’s day gift. Also due to these gifts, the necklace will arrive in a small package, therefore we can offer you to sign a personal greeting onto the envelope. Just shoot us a message!

As always, we send the package right after we have received payment, enabling us to ensure a timely delivery when ordering as late as February 12th !

So treat yourself and us to a gift by nullgrat. !
Happy Valentine’s


Weekly Update

There has been quite a few changes concerning nullgrat. this week. Foremost we now have a Twitteraccount, which will supply you with small updates and photos of our products and their making: nullgrat. on Twitter.
Of course the pictures are also uploaded below:

Furthermore there will be an opportunity to meet nullgrat. in person, we are currently applying for a booth “Greta und Claus – Markt der schönen Dinge” in Mönchengladbach which is a fair for handmade and individualistic products. While doing so, we are also working on some new products to fill our booth.

Thanks for your time and have a nice sunday ! And of course be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay updated !

Result of the Charity collection

Today marks the end of our Charity collection and we wanted to share our results with you.

All in all you have raised 55 Euros for “Die Arche” by purchasing our products. Considering that we were founded in November 2013 this is a pretty good result. Thank you to all the people who contributed !

Reminder: Charity

Hi !

Just a reminder of our charity event: Until Sunday (9.01.14) 10% of our revenue will go either towards “DIE ARCHE” (when ordering via DaWanda) or towards a charity of your choice when ordering via Facebook or Email (

Enjoy !